The Solution

The RO water is subjected to structuring first

The first stream of Varaka collodial is ionized, hydrogenated, cavitated and is subjected to high-pressure homogenization to create nano-hydrogenated-ionized Varaka colloidal.

The second stream of Tatri Colloidal is subjected to enzymatic catalysis, oxygenation, cavitation and high-pressure homogenization to create nano-oxygenated-enzymatic Tatri colloidal.

Is there any cure for Hangovers?

Until a few days ago, there was no surefire cure for a hangover, but with the research & development in Nanotechnology and harnessing of nano-functional-extracts of plant-based ingredients -that according to the experts of Ayurveda help not only in preventing hangover and its symptoms, but also protect liver and other organs – and incorporating them into conditioned water has led to a sweeping reduction in the hangover ill-effects. This functional water is discovered and is being marketed by Danta Venturres Pvt Ltd., under the brand name ShawRab.


Some other strategies that can help alleviate symptoms or prevent them in the first place. These include drinking water to rehydrate, consuming electrolyte-rich fluids, eating a balanced meal, getting plenty of rest, and avoiding further alcohol consumption.


The best way to prevent a hangover is to drink alcohol in moderation or abstain from it altogether. If you choose to drink, do so responsibly and be aware of your own alcohol tolerance. It’s essential to know your limits to reduce the risk of experiencing a hangover and the potential health risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

What are the ingredients of ShawRab?

ShawRab water is Functional Water. Imagine enrichment of RO water with a Nano-colloidal that is made with Minerals, Ions, Nano-functional nutrients extracted from Varaka and Tatri – the much acclaimed ingredients by Ayurveda, Nano-Oxygen, and Nano-Hydrogen in a perfect balance that aids the metabolism of alcohol to prevent hangovers and also prevent damage to the human body. That is the core composition of ShawRab Functional Water.


The digestion of alcohol primarily involves enzymatic processes in the liver, and these elements can play roles in mitigating the effects of alcohol consumption or supporting overall health, by preventing damage of liver.

How is ShawRab Functional Water Manufactured?

At Danta Venturres Pvt Ltd, we have mastered the art and science of creating functional water that are within the safety and standards of FSSAI. What we have done is to make normal RO water into highly functional super water that give optimum benefits to the consumer.  To give transparency to our consumers we narrate the process of making ShawRab water.  The processes involved leverage trade-secrets and applied patent. 

  1. The RO water is subjected to structuring first
  2. The first stream of water is ionized, hydrogenation, cavitated and is subjected to high-pressure homogenization to create nano-hydrogenated-ionized colloidal.
  3. The second stream of water is subjected to infusion of nano-extracts of Varaka and Tatri, process of oxygenation, cavitation and high-pressure homogenization to create a nano-colloidal concentrate.
  4. Both the above streams are blended and the resultant is mixed with RO water to produce highly functional Nano-Colloidal without any ill effects or side effects.
  5. The Nano-Colloidal is mixed with RO water is tested in the labs to check the compatibility with the FSSAI norms and is packaged.

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